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Corona Virus/Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Safe Scheme
We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone back to hotels form the 17th May 2021 and we have been working very hard to ensure that we can re-open in a way that keeps all of our staff and guests safe whilst allowing everyone to enjoy their holiday with us. We have prepared some FAQ below which will give you some information on what changes we have made, this will not cover everything but hopefully give you some idea of what to expect when you arrive.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to help.

When can I make a hotel booking?
We are open now for all guest enquires and bookings.
My holiday was cancelled earlier in the year, can I rebook now?
Yes absolutely. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us during this very tricky time by offering to defer their booking and please call us and we can get your holiday re-booked for you.
What will happen if I book and the government decide hotels should close again?
Should this happen please do not worry, we will offer to return deposits, or you can defer your holiday to a later date.

Check In
What changes will I see when I check in ?
We have implemented a one-way system in reception to allow guests to check in in a safe area. We will ask you to use the hand sanitizing station as you enter.
How should I make my final payment?
Where possible we would request that guests pay by credit/debit card, the card machine will be sanitised after each check in. If you would rather call ahead and pay over the phone before you arrive that would also be fine. If you would like to pay by cash, if at all possible please bring the correct money with you.
Will my bedroom keys be clean?
All keys will be sanitized after each check out. We would also request that you keep your keys with you during your stay and only hand back to reception on your departure.
Can I still get help with my luggage?
Where possible we would request that guests handle their own luggage but we do appreciate that this is not always possible. Please don’t worry, with suitable PPE we will happily carry your bags to and from your room, but this may just take us a little longer than normal.

Will I be able to sit with my friends in the Restaurant?
At present the government guidelines state that two households of any size can sit together or alternatively groups from different households can also sit together up to a maximum of 6 people.
Will I have to share my table with anyone else?
Absolutely not, your table will be only for your use, or your social bubble use throughout your stay with us. This includes menus and condiments which will be specifically allocated for your use only whilst you are with us.
How will I know that my menu and other items on my table will be safe to use?
All items will be thoroughly cleaned between guests with a cleaner specifically designed for Covid-19. In addition to this all tables, chairs, door handles and other hard surfaces are cleaned after each use making sure everything will be clean and safe each time you visit the restaurant.
Will my cutlery and plates be safe?
Yes they will. All items are thoroughly washed at high temperatures, once cleaned and dried they will be re-stacked ready for use by our staff which will have suitable PPE on to prevent contact with the clean items.
Will you still have waiting staff to take orders?
Yes we will, although we will ask them to keep a safe distance away from tables and they will all be wearing either a face mask. If you would rather we didn’t come to your table please let reception know and we can arrange for you to pre-order your meals over the phone before dinner.
Will you still have a breakfast servery?
Yes we will, but this will be served by our chefs.

Will the bar be open?
Yes, the bar will be open as normal but we will request that you remain seated and we will come to your table to take your orders.
Will you still be able to offer the ‘free bar’ packages on the weekends?
Yes, the ‘free bar’ packages will still be running
Can I share a table with my friends?
Yes you can provided you are a maximum group of 6 or two households of any size.
How will I be able to order my drinks?
At present all drinks for both dinner and evening bar are table service.  We will come to you to take your order and then bring your drinks to your table.
How can I pay for my drinks?
We would rather guests use contactless payment at the bar if possible. If you are not able to do this then we will still take cash payments
What PPE will your bar staff wear?
All staff will have to wear a face mask.

What other things will you be doing?
We will have a regular cleaning schedule for all hard surfaces throughout the evenings and we will be using our large dance floor for additional bar seating to allow guests to feel comfortable and ensure social distancing. All drip mats will be replaced every day and the bar tables, chairs, surfaces, doors will be deep cleaned after each evening.
Will you still have evening entertainment?
Yes, we are planning on continuing with our evening entertainment programme but with some restrictions in place and would ask guests to refrain from dancing for the time being.
Will there be enough space for social distancing?
We are currently running at reduced capacity so  there will be plenty of space for guests to spread out. We will also be using our dance floor for additional bar seating.
What will happen if someone has too much to drink and forgets to social distance?
Please do not worry, all of our bar staff and night security staff have received training for this situation.

General Information
Lifts – we will be asking guest to only use the lifts with other members of your household. There will also be hand sanitizing stations outside each lift door and would request these are used before calling the lift.
Bedrooms/Corridors – Guests will be allocated rooms to enable us to minimise the contact between guests in the corridors. If possible, we will also allow 72hrs between deep cleaning after guest check out and before new check in.
Doors/Handrails – these will be cleaned throughout the day
Public Toilets – if possible, we will be asking guests to use the en-suite facilities in their bedrooms, if this is not convenient then our public toilets will be available for use. These will also be cleaned by staff throughout the day and night.

Face Masks and Face Coverings

At present you are required to wear a face mask  whilst in the hotel unless you are seated in the dinning room or bar area


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